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Suárez photography

We are a family team.

Photo Suarez is a family business dating back to 1935. Still the founder  Mr. Arturo Suarez, who was one of the first photographers and photography teachers of the city of San Miguel de Allende. We have made progress with technology and make the change of analog to digital photography, retaining the professionalism and quality in our work. Many times, we are asked how we feel about our work, and the truth is that we chose to convey those feelings, reflected on our images.



We believe that The most beautiful things in life are expressed with the soul.

Capturing discreetly the beauty of LOVE We believe that family always comes first, and that is the reason why we are not only a team of photographers, but we are family where excellence and dedication come out of passion an LOVE .

Moments you do not want to forget.

Let us capture your most special day

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